Safety Planning, support to leave your situation safely

control Here are some tips to keep yourself as safe as possible,
  • Ensure phone is always fully charged when in the home and community. Keep it on you so you can call for help if needed.
  • Consider who you can talk to and agree and safe word with them to use if you are in trouble and don’t want to alert your abuser you are asking for help
  • Don’t feel as though you are alone, there are people who want to help
  • Fire stations on Wirral act as “Safe Havens” you may attend here if you ever need a place of safety
  • If you feel able report to the police for life threatening emergencies contact 999.
  • You may access support by contacting the Domestic Violence Helpline on the Resources page
  • There is help to obtain safe accommodation, your local housing options service can advise and link you with Support
  • The local Independent Domestic Abuse Service – Family Safety Unit works with both families and single people to reduce their risk from domestic abuse

Considering victims of honour based abuse

You may be experiencing abuse from your partner but this may be compounded by issues of “honour and shame” from your family and the wider community. Honour is not an issue of religion, tradition or culture it is abuse.
  • Is honour or Izzat an issue for you within your family?
  • Has your family or community members threatened you? Do you need to look wider for help such as local support services such as your GP or these resources
  • Do you feel isolated or fearful of harm for choices you have made – consider who is safe to talk to, there is professionals who want to help you.
  • If you feel that you are at risk due to issues around honour and shame within your community Karma Nirvana is a support service they have a National Helpline 0800 5999 247

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